Purani Haveli (The Old Mansion) Is Classic Ramsay Romance

The Ramsays are known for their horror movies but little do we know that one of the most popular love serenades come from their stable. More about that later, because today we have for you Purani Haveli, the Ramsay classic that had one of the most layered story lines for that time. This ghost movie in Hindi routinely makes the list of horror movies as one of the most scary movies in Bollywood.

Purani Haveli Synopsis:

A greedy couple taking care of their young, female relative because they are also usurping her property.  They also want to have her married to the wife’s brother, so that the usurping is complete.

One of the properties is a Purani Haveli that they own. They coolly sell it off to someone else because nobody told them the Rule #1 of real estate: Never Sell Land, Bishes!

Even the evil forces of nature had a #facepalm moment when the buyer and seller come to see the haveli. Those forces of nature render the two dead in the most horrible manner.

Get the Ramsay Story Home:

The girl falls in love with a poor boy, who proposes marriage and the couple see that the girl and the boy are in love and they agree and all’s well that ends well – no, of course not, scratch that.  The wife rejects the proposal and sends the girl to an old mansion with the boy and a group of their friends, so that the boy and girl can get to know each other well.

Surprisingly, the friends are nothing like millennial friends. They do not cancel the plans at the last moment and actually make it to the trip and even hatch a plan to get the girl’s lover into the haveli.

But this is not the picnic that Facebook would remind you of after 10 years in their Memories section, because one by one, there are fights between the two men and an evil force is killing people.

As the body count increases, the aunt – remember her? – that greedy woman realises that her pati parmeshwar hasn’t returned with the promised bags of money and therefore comes to the haveli to check. Yes, her hubby dearest has died three paragraphs and an hour ago, but this gold-digger was too busy digging gold to realise her hubby hasn’t returned.

What does she do when she reaches the haveli? Does she launch a hunt for her hubby? No, she finds out that there’s a tehkhana under the mansion and hatches a plan to trap her niece’s boyfriend in the tehkhana.

That’s when we find out what’s up with that Purani Haveli:

Apparently, the haveli was the last refuge to a woman who was expecting. The child is deformed at birth and the woman dies. The husband traps the deformed child in a cave under the haveli. And it is this deformed child, who’s become a Hulk type zombie who’s on a killing spree. 

Remember the brother who wanted to marry the girl? Well, he’s one of those warriors who doesn’t believe that his enemies are dead until he gloats over their bloodied skulls. So, he goes into the cave and sees the zombie. He has a #releasethekracken moment and actually does it.

That zombie kills the aunt and the brother, but the couple are saved because they take the zombie in a old, dilapidated church with the crucifix intact. The zombie perishes in the presence of the divine presence and all is well.

Purani Haveli Review:

Many criticise the Ramsay Brothers for coming up with cliched ideas in their horror movies, but as you will realise further on this website, most scary moviesin Bollywood have directly lifted plots from the Ramsay films. Also, writers of recent horror movies in Bollywood would read this script and say that we now have a property – the haveli that’s haunted. Why is it haunted? Who haunted it? Don’t you already see a prequel here? That’s what proves a point put across a thousand times:

Parting Shot:

For all their flaws, the Ramsays were filmakers much, much before their time. and made some of the best horror movies. And that’s the reason the film is still immensely watchable even today:

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