7 Famous Male Actors In The Retro Horror Bollywood Industry

Just like we have studio stables today, Dharma, YRF, etc, we had film stables back in the day too. Horror films weren’t top of the line back in the day, and the producers found it difficult to sign them up for the films. There were several male and female models who wished to become actors, who rose to the occasion. Others were just signed up because of their unique looks. Yet others were signed up because they had a striking resemblance to a mainstream actor. We list the 5 most famous male faces from the Bollywood Horror retro industry.

#7 Hemant Birje


Hemant Birje made his debut in the B Subhash cult classic Tarzan and after that acted in several other films that you will someday find in a Saamri Feature. He was part of several of the Ramsay horror films, either playing the lead or second lead. Hemant was much in demand because of his brawny looks, which was a legit unique look back in the day. Birje acted in Veerana and Tehkhana. Birje was active in the horror circuit from the late eighties to the late nineties.  Here is his IMDB profile. 

#6 Puneet Issar


Puneet Issar also acted in a B Subhash film, Superman and was a constant feature in the Bollywood Horror films from the late seventies to the late eighties. He shot to fame with his role of Duryodhana in Mahabharata and never looked back after that. Puneet was well built and has acted with Hemant in one of the Ramsay films.


#5 Javed Khan

Everyone who has a connection to Bollywood has seen Javed Khan, they just don’t know that they have seen him. Javed was active in the horror film industry from the late eighties to the late nineties. He has acted in several of them, including Cheekh, in which he was the lead opposite Deepshika Chikalia, who played Sita in the DD Serial Ramayana. This was the only horror film that Deepshika acted in.  Today, Javed Khan runs an acting academy in Madhya Pradesh. This is his IMDB profile.


#4 Marc Zuber

Marc Zuber acted in a couple of such Bollywood horror films in the late eighties. He played the role of an elder brother in Dak Bangla after he acted in Haveli in 1985. He was most remembered for his striking hair color and a unique dialogue delivery style. Marc Zuber died in London in 2003. Have a look at his IMDB profile.


#3 Rajesh Vivek

Rajesh Vivek was another individual who found fame in the Mahabharata program. Before and after that, he acted in several horror films. He usually played the role of the tantrik because of his unique eyes. He finally got his place in the limelight in Aamir Khan’s Lagaan.


#2 Amit Pachauri

Amit Pachauri is the first Indian YouTube star. He acted in countless Bollywood horror films for at least 2 decades. He has a unique face, which quite literally is a mix of the face cuts of Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn and Govinda. You can access his IMDB profile here.

#1 Anirudh Agarwal

Without this man, making horror films would be difficult, if not impossible in India. He is one of the most enduring faces in Bollywood horror – the one who played the roles of Saamri, Nevla and whatever horror epithat the Ramsays came up with for their films. Anirudh Agarwal has now taken an hiatus from acting.  You can view his interview here:

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  1. Its not Deepsikha . U mixed 2 names. Deepsikha nagpal is different actress. What u r referring is Deepika Chikhalia. She played sita in ramayan n was Member of parliament BJP from Baroda Gujarat


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