Book Review: Pishacha Is A Novel Novel

Everyone loves a good horror story – and everyone absolutely enjoys a good horror story that’s written well. Indian horror, both films and books, have yet to mature and evolve into the next step. The good news, though, is that upcoming authors like Neil D’Silva are making a consistent effort to create this evolution. We review Neil D’Silva’s second offering, Pishacha.

The titular character in the book is described thus by Wikipedia:

Pishachas (Sanskrit: पिशाच, Piśāca) are flesh-eating demons in Hindu mythology. Their origin is obscure, although some believe that they were created by Brahma. Another legend describes them as the sons of either Krodha (figuratively “Anger”) or as Dakṣa’s daughter Piśāca. They have been described to have a dark complexion with bulging veins and protruding, red eyes. They are believed to have their own languages, known as Paiśāci.

And that is the central theme of the book. Why is a Pishacha still in this world? What is making him kill people? Will there ever be a opportunity for him to go back to wherever he came from? All that and more forms the rest of the story. There are several characters in the book, but none of them seem stacked up to add words to the story. In fact, all the characters have very specific roles in the story.

As he did with his previous book, Neil succeeds in tying up Indian mythology and basic horror, making it an interesting read simply because it is a new kind of horror. It is clear that the author has put a good amount of thought in the creation of the Pishacha. The Indian horror scene has long been full of witches and zombies and whatnot. The very fact that the author takes pains to create the origin of the Pishacha takes this book a notch above the others that we have read.

The story seems simple and straightforward at the beginning, there are enough twists and turns in the film to keep the reader engaged. We are sure that readers will read up this book in a minimum of two sittings.

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