Khooni Panja (The Killer Claw) Is Bollywood’s Lesson Against Adultery

By the 90s, the horror films audiences in India were not very much interested in the recent horror films that spoke about old ghosts and zombies. The sci-fi and ghost-with-a-backstory wave had taken over and film makers were trying to come up with newer concepts. And this came Talwar International, promising to provide newer, better content than the others in the market. Khooni Panja was one of their offerings.

Khooni Panja Synopsis:

Ajay is a married man who is having an affair with a woman called Usha. One day, his wife finds out about his affair and threatens to tell all. Ajay and Usha kill Ajay’s wife and bury her in a deserted area with the help of a drunk undertaker. That mid-night burial doesn’t go well. The woman somehow comes alive and grabs Usha’s ankle. The undertaker cuts off her hand and this gives rise to the film’s title – ‘The Killer Claw’.

Khooni Panja Review:

Khooni Panja is a well made film. The nineties definitely had better prosthetic makeup and that enabled the filmmakers to shoot the gore scenes in better lighting. Khooni Panja doubles up as a slasher flick because of the bodycount. In fact, there’s a character who’s just introduced to be done away with.  Films like Khooni Panja have a lot more gore, slash and sleaze as compared to a film that released just 5 years ago.

Get the Ramsay Story Home:

Parting Shot:

Khooni Panja does well to add the ‘wronged woman’ to the host of ghosts, but the character isn’t handled well. She cannot reach the level of an Ramsay’s Lalbai for the audience. This film is another in the list of horror films that had some surprise casting. Ajit Vachchani was rarely seen outside of the big budget films, but he somehow ended up playing an immoral husband in this one.  Khooni Panjai was also one of those new horror films that had Javed Khan as an actor.

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