Are We Ready for Another DC V Marvel?

DC and Marvel have recently tried to conquer the digital world with mixed results. DC released its extremely popular DC Universe MMORPG that is considered to be a benchmark in MMORPGs, comic-book based books and concept based games. Marvel launched its Marvel Heroes. The initial version of Marvel Heroes was not received well, and the current version is just accepted by the audience.

Now, DC Comics will team up with Warner Bros to come up with their own streaming service, in 2018. The streaming service will also debut their Titans series. Of course, that will be just the tip of the ice-berg. With a incredible library like the one DC has, its a sure shot thing that they will slowly but surely launch several of their properties for online viewing.

Marvel has tasted success with their companionship with Netflix. Netflix got some uber-popular web series and Marvel got a whole new audience for their comic book characters. It remains to be seen if Marvel’s mother company, Disney, will decide to come up with a streaming service with the huge property that it has.

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Red Claw loves horror, sci-fi, fantasy and everything obscure. Red Claw has a childhood crush with Bollywood obscure cinema.

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