Dahshat (The Terror): Cometh the Mad Scientist

Bollywood never fails to surprise. As film buffs, we think of Bollywood as a substandard product as compared to its Hollywood counterparts. But one close look at the films tell us that even Bollywood scriptwriters had the same kind of thought and creativity – it was only a lack of resources that stopped these films from becoming as famous as the Hollywood ones became. Who’d believe that there was a Bollywood horror film about a mad scientist back in 1981! This was the time that Hollywood films would release 12 years after their release in America!

Dahshat Synopsis:

Dahshat is the film that we are talking about. This horror film stars Navin Nischol, Om Shiv Puri, Nadira, Sarika and others. Sarika is Kama Haasan’s wife. If anything, Dahshat can be termed as the ‘scariest horror film’ coming out of India for the convoluted but interesting storyline that it presents. Have a look:

Doctor Vishal is a scientist who’s doing research on dead animals to create a superhuman. He has hired a grave-robber to get him dead bodies. A new guy in town, Doctor Sameer, finds about this. He warns Vishal not to play with nature, but Vishal will have none of that. Vishal creates a serum that he thinks will create a superhuman.

Vishal, like many other scientist characters that we see, has a very bad personal wife. His wife has taken to drinking, partly because she doesn’t approve of his mad-scientist experiments and partly because he is unfaithful to her. One night, she sees Vishal seducing a woman and injects the serum into Vishal, which transforms him into a zombie, only to be destroyed by Sameer.

Bring the Ramsay Story Home

Dahshat Review:

We have seen a lot of Bollywood Horror films in our time but none of them has surprised us as Dahshat has, considering its vintage and the spin-off storyarcs that it has. In fact, only recent horror movies, the ones post 2010, actually paid attention to infidelity.  Trust Ramsays to handle themes like man meddling with nature and infidelity in the same film back then!

We are truly sad that the film is not available in a better print, because this seems to be some of the most impressive prosthetic work that we have seen in Bollywood. This might also be the only Bollywood Horror film that tried to show the physical evolution of a zombie – from a human being to what he finally becomes.

You can watch the whole film here:

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  1. An unappreciated classic from the Ramsays.

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