House No 13 Is A Ghost’s Revenge Story

This is yet another horror film from the ’90s that came up with a novel story, something that was different from the Ramsay brand of horror – where there’s an old evil spirit haunting a couple or a family without a specific rhyme or reason.

House No. 13 Synopsis:

The film had a family move into a new home, the House No 13, and since their moving in, strange occurrences make life difficult for them. Then, one by one, the family members start dying. The youngest son marries, but it is his wife who is controlled by the ghost. Why is this happening, how can the family be free from the clutches of the ghost? The film has a very creative answer to this one.

House No. 13 Review:

When it comes to Bollywood films, we should understand that even the best horror films didn’t have the resources like the West had to create those breathtaking visuals or really scary characters.

New horror films from Bollywood were mostly dependent on creative camera and light work. House No 13, like all the recent horror films in its time,  relies on that and creates scenes like a floor full of blood, a spirit veering from room to room of the house, etc.

There’s pretty good camera and light work in this film, and it gives the audience an idea of how film technicians were evolving slowly – but surely.  The film also begins to move away from prosthetic and comes towards props, making it one of the  most scary movies of its time.

Bring the Ramsay Story Home

Parting Shot:

This was another film where the living characters were somehow connected to the distraught story of the spirit. This shows that the filmmakers realised that audiences no longer liked a senseless slash-and-grab storyline that previous movies showed.  You can watch the film here:

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2 Comments on House No 13 Is A Ghost’s Revenge Story

  1. One of my fave Indian horror films .. although not really a Bollywood production as it was a Southern film. Malayalam-language director AE Baby was a pioneer in Indian horror, his first film was the possession-laden LISA from 1978).


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