Gehraiyaan S1E3 Review: The Plot Thickens

Vikram Bhatt just tweeted that the 3rd episode of his web series is up. Gehraiyaan stars Sanjeeda Sheikh as a surgeon, Reyna who’s just moved in – only to be prey to what seems to be the paranormal in her home. Her outbursts are now creating issues between her and her friends, even her boyfriend Shekhar.

Gehraiyaan boasts of good production values and it fills in a lot in the 20 minute duration that it has. In this episode, the paranormal experiences continue for Reyna and Shekhar takes a step to ensure that the problem is solved once and for all, he hires a paranormal expert. Reyna also meets her mysterious neighbor, Saahil,  once again, and even has coffee with him. The parting shot tells us that Saahil is up to know good.

In this episode, the story arc of the policeman’s death doesn’t take precedence,  but we are sure that the filmmakers will not let an interesting character like a young female hacker just disappear into the darkness.

The performances of all the three actors, Sanjeeda, Vatsal Seth and Trishan Singh are quite nice, and this keeps the audience hooked on to the series. Of the three, Sanjeeda gives the most realistic performance. One would think that she’d slip into ‘ham mode’ after her background of TV series, but thankfull she doesn’t. Vatsal has a good screen presence and we are sure can handle the deviousness of his character that’ll only be shown to us later.  We are waiting for the 4th episode of the series.

What we liked about the episode is that Bhatt still decides to go ahead with the aspects of jump scares and sudden events. These two are at the core of retro horror and it is good to see these aspects being brought onto the streaming screens too.

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