Veerana (The Wild) Is One Of The Ramsay Big Three

Veerana is a Ramsay film from the late eighties. The film stars some of Bollywood well-known faces, like Kulbushan Kharbanda, Rama Vij, Vijayendra Ghatge, Hemant Birje, Gulshan Grover and Satish Shah and others.

Veerana Synopsis:

One of the late ’80s horror movies,  Veerana had the devil worshippers vs the Thakurs storyline. This time, the younger Thakur, Sameer defeats and captures a witch. The witch is supposed to be burnt at the stake, but her cronies take her away in the dead of the night. A while later, the clan of the witch attacks the younger Sameer and Jasmine, the daughter of the elder Thakur as they are traveling through the dense forest.

One of the clan members now stays with the Thakurs, as he hoodwinks them into believing that it was he who saved Jasmine from the cronies of the witch. Jasmine, under the influence of the infernal power, kills the younger Thakur’s wife. Seeing this, the elder Thakur, Mahendra Pratap sends away  Sahila, Sameer’s daughter,  to Mumbai, so that she is safe.

After many years, Sahila returns to the village, and her cousin sister Jasmine is still under the influence of evil. She commits several murders under the influence, until Sahila and her boyfriend, Hemant, rectify the situation.

Bring the Ramsay Story Home

Veerana Review:

Veerana routinely makes the top ten lists of Bollywood films and rightly so. Watching it, you realise the Ramsays put their heart and soul in this film. Veerana’s production values are great. We were also impressed that the Ramsays kept a disfigured zombie out of the way for the most part of the film.

This is a rare Ramsay film where the devil is not a zombie, but a girl who’s under duress. Again, the Ramsays had a keen ear to the ground and made a film on something that was part of folklore – a witch/woman preying on men as they traveled through villages. You will find that trope in several current horror fiction stories out of India too. This Bollywood horror film also has a Gulshan Grover appearance. Grover is Bollywood Horror film gold, because he has only acted in a handful of them. Veerana also has Rajesh Vivek, the resident ‘tantrik baba’ for Bollywood horror films.

The unique concept, the superb production values are two reasons that Veerana will always remain part of Bollywood folklore. But of course, no article about Veerana is complete without Jasmine, the lead actress who debuted in the film.

In the eighties, Jasmine was a breath of fresh air that threatened to shake Bollywood to its core. Here was a legit stunner who had no qualms frolicking around in a bikini. Not many mainstream actresses would do that, unless they wanted to do the ‘next big thing’.  There’s no doubt that Jasmine, if she had remained in the film industry could have been a big thing, but unfortunately, nobody heard about Jasmine after her Veerana outing.

While Sahila Chadha went ahead in several other Bollywood horror films, Jasmine disappeared from the scene and buzz is that even the Ramsays don’t know where their lead lady has gone. Some say that Jasmine was forced to marry the leader of an Indian crime syndicate, while others say that Jasmine married and settled in the USA shortly after Veerana released.  As Bollywood hollywood fans, we can only hope that the latter is true.

Parting Shot:

In hindsight, Bollywood had enough of devil worshipping films in its collection. We wonder only the films with the demonic zombie is spoken about on the Internets. You can watch the entire film here:

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