Mahaakaal (The Great Time) Is Bold New Bollywood

Mahakaal is another one of those Bollywood horror films from the naughty nineties from the stable of the Ramsay brothers. This film has the fresh new face, Archana Puran Singh, and a script that’s very, very different from anything that we have seen in Bollywood horror films as yet.

Mahakaal Synopsis:

Mahakaal has four major characters. There’s Anita, the daughter of the Police Commissioner, who is a relationship with Prakash. There’s Seema who is in a relationship with Param. Anita and Seema both are haunted by nightmares of a demon who pursues them.

Other than that, their college life is all and fun and games, until these foursome decide to go on a picnic. At night, Seema is brutally killed by an unknown entity and her boyfriend is accused of the murder. He panics and escapes but is finally hunted down by the police. In the police station, he is also killed in the most brutal manner.

It is only then that Anita’s father, the Police Commissioner, reveals the secret about Shakaal, a follower of the dark arts, who sacrificed Anita’s sister after kidnapping her, when she was a child. How the family overcomes Shakaal forms the rest of the story.

Bring the Ramsay Story Home

Mahakaal Review:

Mahakaal is one of the most incredibly well made horror films. The technology had evolved so much by this time that the filmmakers didn’t have to depend on lights and smoke to create the scenario of a demon attacking, making it one of the most scary movies coming out of Bollywood.

This is one of the boldest in the recent horror movies of that time. Both Archana Puran Singh and Kunika are in top form and look incredibly sensuous in the film. The swimsuits, the white-shirt, the lovemaking, the thigh-slit attire, all this will be commonplace for foreign audiences watching the film, but these were revolutionary back in the day.  This one is a definite watch.

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