Papi Gudia: Because Copying is Child’s Play

By the late nineties, more people understood that horror films were cheap to make and were good money. So, several producers and directors tried their hand, creating several new horror films. In hindsight, one shouldn’t have any ambitions from Papi Gudia, the film starring Karisma Kapoor, Shakti Kapoor, Tinnu Anand and Avinash Wadhwan.

The director was Lawrence D’Souza, who had earlier directed the superhit ‘Saajan’. The actress was Karisma Kapoor, who had never acted in a horror flick before this. More importantly, this was 1998 and Indians had access to Hollywood films, whether bootleg or original.

So, the moment one saw the name ‘Papi Gudia’, many realised that this would be inspired from Child’s Play. But then, Karisma Kapoor wouldn’t act in such a unimaginative film, would she? You bet she did.

Papi Gudia Synopsis:

The film is heavily inspired from Child’s Play and there’s nothing much that can be said of the storyline – evil man gains control of a toy, which is owned by the brother of a female performer, and the now evil toy wants to still rule the world.

Papi Gudia Review:

Papi Gudia is a disappointment on all fronts. The script is copied and has nothing new to offer, the graphics are not something pathbreaking, the film doesn’t even have the sensuality to make it memorable. Lawrence D’Souza had earlier been inspired by ‘The Eyes of Laura Mars’ for ‘100 Days’, which was a smash-hit. But this time, he couldn’t weave the same magic.  It is films like these that created a nostalgia for the old Ramsay brand of films – the desiness of their inspired films still can’t be captured by anyone else.

Karisma Kapoor has had bad luck with horror films. This was her first horror film, her second horror film, Dangerous Ishhq also flopped badly at the box office.  If you have nothing else to do, you watch Papi Gudia here:

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