Naag Nagin: Because Mandakini

Mandakini plays a very, very important role in the history of Indian cinema. She and director Raj Kapoor were the two who brought respectable sensuality with the necessary skin show to Indian cinema with that single song from the film ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’. Unfortunately Mandakani’s career went haywire after that and she had to makedo with smaller projects like Naag Nagin.

The concept of Naag Nagin might be unknown to our foreign fans. So, allow us to elaborate:

The Naag Nagin concept says that there’s a snake couple, a male and a female. They hold the secret to either a treasure or to the quest for immortality. These snakes are also shapeshifters (icchadhari) and can take on any form that they want to.

Most of the films are about a snakecharmer who’s into dark magic trying to trap these snakes so they can lay their hands on the treasure (sometimes called ‘mani’). One of the snakes dies, mostly the male, and the female promises to avenge the death.  In some cases, the couple are mistakenly killed by a group of picnickers. This then turns into a slasher flick.  We think that the nag nagin films are a India-only thing. Correct us if we are wrong.

Nag Nagin Synopsis:

Even in Nag Nagin, the story is almost the same – only this time, six criminals are contracted by a foreigner to get the ‘mani’. They take the help of a snakecharmer, and inadvertently kill the male snake. In a weird twist of fate, the male snake is born as the son of a rich man, who is friends of one of the six criminals. That friend even has a daughter who he thinks will marry his friend’s son someday.

Nag Nagin Review:

Yes, the storyline is unnecessarily convoluted and the slasher scenes aren’t something to die for – you see what we did there. Mandakini and Rajeev Kapoor dancing to a snake tune in the garb of snakes-cum-humans will always be entertaining, so we have the entire YouTube film for you here. Other than that, you can give this film a pass:

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