Nagin Aur Lootere Lacks A Bite

Nagin Aur Lootere is another one of those Bollywood fantasy horror films that tried to bank on the old snake and snake-charmers trope. It starred Neelima Azim and Rajesh Khattar. Neelima and Rajesh were married to each other for a decade – during which this film was made. Fun Fact: Neelima Azim is mother of Shahid Kapur, who is an immensely popular Bollywood hero.

Nagin Aur Lootere Synopsis

The film revolves around the Prince of Snakes coming on Earth because of a boon that his father has given a woman who prayed to him for a child. There are also some criminals who are looking for an ‘amar mala’, a necklace that makes the wearer immortal. Around all this, there are tantriks and snake charmers who are hired to capture the snakes who are ‘icchadhari’ (shapeshifters).

Nagin Aur Lootere Review:

The script is needlessly long. There’s a whole comedy track added that does nothing for the film’s script. All this was par for the course in the seventies, when the person playing the comedy track was a legit superstar and was immensely popular. The people holding the comedy tracks are some of the most talented actors in India, Kader Khan and Shakti Kapoor, but they fail to engage the audience. Another thing that adds to the already infuriating long screenplay are the songs. None of the songs actually take the script ahead and neither are they hummable. But yes, this is one of the few Bollywood horror films that have a cat fight.

We wouldn’t recommend this film, but if you still want to see what a trainwreck this film is, here’s the YouTube link:

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