Khalnaaikaa Was A Film Before Its Time

If you ever are in a conversation about films that were hindered because of useless controversies, please remember Khalnaaikaa. This was on a bold film – and will be an impressive one if it is a original script. The film first gained a buzz because the literal meaning of the title means ‘The Villainess’. At that time, there was a film ‘Khalnayak’, that term means ‘The Villain’.

While that was just a cute thing, the film became controversial when the information came out that the censors were grappling with a breastfeeding scene in the film. Frontal nudity has rarely made its way out into Indian theaters and this wasn’t a under-the-radar film. This film starred some of the biggest names and had a sultry beauty, Anu Aggarwal, who had earlier given the smash-hit Aashiqui. Sadly, the film whimpered under the controversy and didn’t make the money that it was supposed to.

We sometimes wonder if the film would have generated the same controversy if it was a common horror films that came with those deafeningly noisy graphic posters. We are also surprised that none of the new horror films at that time ever took their chances with medical horror.

Khalnaaikaa Synopsis:

Ravi and Jaya are a happy couple, until a renowned doctor tries to sexually molest Jaya when she goes to him for a check-up. Jaya files a case against him with the help of her journalist friend, Varsha. However, the doctor commits suicide, leaving behind his pregnnat wife, Anuradha,  who suffers a miscarriage because of the stress.

Anuradha now decides to avenge her husband’s death and joins the Kapoor household as a governess for their newborn child. In the course of seeking revenge, she mows down two of the family’s good friends.

Khalnaaikaa Review:

In hindsight, the writer did a bold move by writing this original script for India, or even taking such a script from a foreign film. In Bollywood films, it was unheard of to have a doctor as a person who’d sexually assault someone. We only had the rich Thakurs and the businessmen  being lascivious towards their employees.

Other aspects that the film deftly handled was those of media trails, the unseen victims and the champion victim. Think about it, the story actually had two women, one who was scarred for life and another who was done for life – and all because of one action that one man took.

As for performances, Jeetendra, Jaya Prada, Varsha Ushgaonkar and Mehmood must have around a hundred years of performances between them. It’d be stupid to even go there on a blog that’s about campy, pulp cinema.

Anu Aggarwal plays the part of the serial killer/woman wronged quite well. Many would say that she was the wrong choice for the role, but in reality, her dark, sensuous look was perfect for the film.  This is definitely one character that we’d like reviewed.

This is a film that we really approve of:

Anu Aggarwal has one of the most interesting life stories when it comes to Bollywood filmstars. She later on wrote her autobiography, which gives an insight into her life. You can buy that book via Amazon here:

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1 Comment on Khalnaaikaa Was A Film Before Its Time

  1. The script was a straight (and poor) copy of The Hand That Rocks The Cradle


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