Sophie Cookson’s ‘The Crucifixion’ Looks Promising

From the studio that gave us ‘Annabel’ and ‘The Conjuring 2’ comes another horror film that looks pretty impressive – ‘The Crucifixion’. The trailer has been on YouTube since April, but there’s no release date for the horror film as yet. This is one of the many recent horror movies that deal with crucifixion. Seeing the trailer, we can say that the film doesn’t deal with the actual crucifixion of Jesus Christ, but other crucifixions.

This film is directed by Xavier Gens, who earlier gave us films like Hitman in 2017. Hitman was an out and out action film. The trailer does look a bit more action oriented than other horror films. However, Xavier has also worked on other recent horror films like Frontiers, The Divide and The ABCs of Death.

Sophie Cookson, who plays the lead in The Kingsman franchise is part of this film too. She is joined by Corneliu Ulici who has earlier worked in films like ‘The Devil Inside’ (2012). This is not the first time that an action franchise star has gone ahead and acted in a horror film. Tom Cruise surprised everyone by coming through and actually starring in the reboot of the Mummy. The Mummy franchise was earlier headlined by Brendan Fraser and was the propelling point for The Rock, who also got a spin-off from the film, as The Scorpion King.

‘The Crucifixion’ looks promising and has a great starcast. The trailer tells us that the production values of the film are good enough to have us hooked to watch it. You can watch the complete trailer here:

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