Indie Horror Film ‘Inner Ghosts’ Has A Kickstarter for $10000

We love Indie films and we love Horror Films. Bring those together and they drive us to get the word across – like Inner Ghosts did. The Kickstarter page for the film is pretty detailed and gives out the synopsis. It definitely makes for an intriguing read:

HELEN is a neuroscience researcher trying to develop a revolutionary therapy to treat degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s. To prove her theories, she needs to run cognitive tests on ghosts: beings who apparently can act and remember without the need of a physical brain – suggesting that unresponsive patients whose brains are too damaged to function can be accessed, somehow, through their living souls.

After the death of her mentor, Helen finds an apartment inhabited by benign ghosts who agree to be tested. The problem is Helen renounced her gift 15 years ago after the loss of her daughter when she made a vow never to contact the other side again. Things start to change when an artist called ELSA begs Helen for some spiritual training hoping to get rid of a demon who has been haunting her for many years.

Helen reluctantly accepts it unaware of the demon’s true goal. Meanwhile, Helen’s tests with the ghosts are a success. The entities offer her the design of a device that can communicate with the dead (and possibly living patients), triggering a set of events that will bring Helen face to face with the demon she has known all along. After so many years, two enemies are about to meet for the last time, showing us that revenge is a dish best served cold. Oh, but there’s so much more happening!

The film stars Ceclia Williams, Elizabeth Bochmann, Iris Cayatte, Norman Maccullum, Ana Sofie Leite, Amanda Booth, Patricia Godinho and others. The film now requires finishing backers and the shooting for the film is done. They are now in post production. You can back this project via this link:

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