Chudail Story: The Bollywood Horror Film With 30 Million Hits Nobody’s Talking About

Back in 2016, there was a buzz about the latest Bollywood horror film that was to hit theaters, Chudail Story. The posters were out, the trailers were out and with the earnest promotions,  the film should have released after the typical 4 week PR cycle. Somehow, the film disappeared from public knowledge and as far as we know, never released in Indian theaters.

Just as we thought this was another of the many ‘canned’ films, we came across the full film, legit uploaded on YouTube and the views shocked us. One year down the line, Chudail Story has racked up 30 million views. Not a mean feat for any video, whether it is a film or an ad.

Chudail Story Synopsis:

Chudail Story is a new twist on the old story of a gang of friends ending up in a old mansion due to their car breaking down and the mansion ending up being haunted. In the old films, the gang would defeat the spirit that’d be more or less a zombie or a monster, only after a couple of them died. But in Chudail story, the group of friends are invited by a woman -who’s rumored to be a witch – to stay in the home. The legend goes that the witch first satiates the man’s libido and then traps him in the house, never to leave again.

Chudail Story Review:

Chudail Story is one of the better made films that we found on YouTube. The camera angles are great, the script is fresh and the screenplay plays along. It lags in some parts, but it is pretty great all-in-all.  The irony is that the film’s script is so fresh because it is inspired from the old folktales that all Indians in India have grown up listening to. Coming to the performances, all of them are quite good and believable. Preeti Soni is equal parts sensuousness, beauty and innocence in her role. She is the one takes the film ahead.

It is strange the film’s 30 million views have not been advertised or promoted. We would definitely be going to town if our video ever made that many views. You can view the whole film:

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