Gehraiyaan S1E5 Review: It’s Getting Murkier

Gehraiyaan Episode 5 Synopsis:

Reyna tries to get back to her life but cannot. She has a showdown with Shekhar, as she has found out his arrangement with the paranormal investigator. It is at this fragile moment that Saahil makes his first move.

He introduces Reyna and Meghna to ‘seances’ and says that he can perform one for them. Reyna has another paranormal experience during the seance. Meghna finds something amiss and contacts Dr. Mukherjee. Dr. Mukherjee informs Meghna that Saahil is in fact the evil entity and she should inform this to Reyna at the earliest.

But before she can do anything, tragedy befalls Meghna and Dr. Mukherjee. Saahil and Reyna come closer because of all the tragedy that’s befallen them. Shekhar is helpless in the situation.

Gehraiyaan Episode 5 Review:

Things are getting more interesting in the series and that too at a fast pace. We earlier told that the production values of the series are pretty good – and that matters when the money shots of the paranormal experiences are brought to screen.

Sanjeeda Sheikh is still holding up. It is difficult to play the female protagonist’s role in a horror series – there’s always the risk of beginning to ham without even knowing it. But that’s not the case here. Sanjeeda is still quite believable as the doctor who’s experiencing the paranormal and going through a tough time.

The screen time for Vatsal Sheth is increasing and he his doing justice to his character. We are liking this series as it goes ahead. You can watch the 5th episode here:

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