No, Monica Castelino Is Not A Pornstar

The internet erupted yesterday with news of an ‘adult star’ Monica Castelino joining the Kapil Sharma Show. Some even branded Monica a porn star. Now, as the purveyor of fantastic films, we wondered how a ‘porn star’ and an ‘adult star’ has missed our curatory glances. Turns out, she isn’t an ‘adult star’, she isn’t even a ‘porn star’. She’s just a lady who’s acted in a few lesser known and smaller budget films. Out of these, her most famous film is ‘Kama Sundari’, which is unfortunately behind a paywall at Eros. We did some research and found out just what ‘pornstar’ thing Monica has done.

As said earlier, we couldn’t find the film on YouTube and by now we are sure all the links to any rip version will have been pulled down, but we caught a smattering of what the film is via the links on YouTube and this is what we could gauge:

In Kama Sundari, Monica plays a young girl, named Sundari, who’s forced into prostitution by an aunt. The film seems to have several songs – including a rain song that has Monica cavorting along in a white shirt. If that’s what a pornstar does, half the film industry from the nineties would be that – including the men. What we could see from the film, there’s some heavy petting, some see-through garments and all that. 

In the same film, there’s a striptease dance that Monica does, with the legendary actor Ranjeet. If doing a striptease makes her a pornstar, again, half the actresses in Bollywood from the ’90s would be a pornstar. 

Now, this is the only Monica Castelino film that was not known to the general public before the ‘Kapil Sharma Show’ announcement. The other films that are listed in her filmography are:

  1. Undertrial (2007), with Rajpal Yadav, Kader Khan and Prem Chopra
  2. Dekh Bhai Dekh (2009)
  3. Men Not Allowed (2007) with Payal Rohatgi

Most Bollywood news outlets have termed her as a ‘Adult Star’. But @SpotboyE has gone ahead and termed her a ‘porn star’. We looked at her filmography and didn’t find any evidence of her being a ‘porn star’. We wonder if SpotboyE has some inside information and is witholding it. Because you know, actively working in the porn industry is a crime in India. You can watch that SpotboyE video here:

And because we don’t want to end on a rant, here’s a glorious scene of Ranjeet being Ranjeet.

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