Trip to Bangarh Is An Insult To The Horror Genre

A few years ago, there was some publicity of a Bollywood horror film that’s based in Bangarh, supposed to be one of the most haunted places in the world, not just India. A PR juggernaut took place and several websites had a field day – tying up with the makers of the film and pointing towards the haunted aspect of the Bangarh fort.  Then, the movie disappeared and we heard nothing about it. Horror films, unless they are big productions generally go under the radar. We thought we saw the last of the film but lo and behold, it is now available for all to watch on YouTube. Here’s our review of the film.

Trip to Bangarh Synopsis:

A group of friends meet a person during a house party, who tells them about the haunted place of Bangarh. The friends, out of curiosity, decide to visit the place. They do not find anything haunted and return, but that’s when their life changes. How the friends counter what could be a curse forms the rest of the story.

Trip to Bangarh Review:

If you ever want another phrase for ‘lost opportunity’, use the title of this film. It is an incredible waste of PR buzz and a concept. Bangarh is actually considered to be haunted – and we wonder what made the scriptwriters come with the convoluted storyline that the finally came up with. We were at an absolute loss while looking for a reason why the filmmakers would make the story take the next step 40 minutes into the run time.

Granted, as fans of horror films, we shouldn’t be expecting a screenplay that’d be saved one day for further generations, or even performances that will win Awards, paid or otherwise. But Trip to Bangarh does something else – it takes one of the most interesting concepts in the history of horror films and turns it over its head – just because they could.

Adding insult to injury are the songs that are straight off reminders of mainstream. There’s a soft coo, there’s the Punjabi rap song at the end, there’s the sad song… the brain melts.  We actually thank the Bolly Kick channel for buying the rights to this film, so that at least filmmakers don’t lose hope because their previous films didn’t make money.

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Red Claw loves horror, sci-fi, fantasy and everything obscure. Red Claw has a childhood crush with Bollywood obscure cinema.

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