Exclusive: That Kiran Ramsay Account On Facebook Was Fake

The retro Bollywood horror industry has become a recluse. One finds it very difficult to get in touch with the Vinod Talwars, the Mohan Bhakris and even the Ramsays. But, the fan following for these names and their products hasn’t decreased even a percent. In such a scenario, there is a chance that mischievous people try to start a rumor that’s just that – a rumor. According to our research, one of those people is the person behind the Facebook account, Kiran Ramsay.

When we first started this website, we tried getting in touch with the Ramsays for an interview. We did what the millennials do, we tried catching their Facebook profiles and found that a particular account named Kiran Ramsay was active on Facebook. We sent a friend request and it was accepted immediately.

A few days later, there came amatuerish images of what were supposed to be posters of the Ramsay remakes – Veerana 2 being the most popular. The guy even announced that the Ramsays would be making a film called ‘Darna’, directed by Saasha Ramsay. The account even announced the name of the actress who’d be playing the lead role.

Luckily, a few days later, we were to interview Saasha Ramsay, you can read that interview here. When we asked her about Veerana 2 and Darna, she said:

“No, that is a fake account. There is some guy with a fake id who is posting all this.” – Saasha Ramsay

She did confirm that she will be directing Veerana 2. In her own words

“God willing, I will be directing Veerana 2.” – Saasha Ramsay

Today, as we were writing this article, we decided to take a screenshot of the account and surprisingly, we cannot access that account.  We admit, we have carried news that was based on the images from that particular account and have been taught a wonderful lesson – Research your articles, and then, research that research of the articles. 

About Red Claw (279 Articles)
Red Claw loves horror, sci-fi, fantasy and everything obscure. Red Claw has a childhood crush with Bollywood obscure cinema.

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