Bollywood Horror Film Review: Hathyarin (The Female Killer) Has Some Epic Horror Sequences

By the 90s, the Ramsay took a backseat and several filmmakers tired to make the horror genre their own. This also gave rise to a whole new tribe of actors, writers and special effects resources and new horror films. These films tried to be one of the scariest horror films and gave the audience a lot more than the previous ones.  One of these films was ‘Hathyarin’, which starred a number of Bollywood horror film staples – Javed Khan, Sripada, Amita Nangia, Deepak Parashar, Rajesh Vivek, etc.

Hathyarin Synopsis

This horror film tells the story of a spirit haunting the lives of a group of friends. The spirit kills of the daughters of this friend’s group on the day of their wedding, along with their husbands. The friends do not reveal why the spirit wants to kill them, and one of them decides to take the help of a tantrik. While this is going on, the boyfriend of one of the daughters is a police officer, who’s smelling a rat in the murders. Who survives and who doesn’t forms the rest of this horror  film. Also, don’t you want to know why the spirit wants to kill the daughters?

Hathyarin Review

Vinod Talwar had it much, much better than the horror film directors just a decade ago. The sequences in this horror film prove that the director no longer needed lighting to hide the prosthetic, – something that previous horror films were forced to do – thereby creating some pretty cool action sequences. The storyline of the film is pretty different too – and one of the few films that tell the secret at the very end. Hollywood film fans will have a ‘yaaas’ moment seeing a scene that’d inspired from ‘Alien’. You can watch the film here:

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