Khooni Murdaa Was Every Stalker Movie Ever

We say that it was the nineties when the other horror filmmakers made their name, but it was actually the late ’80s. In 1989 came Khooni Murdaa, one of the films that were not made under the Ramsay banner. Sadly, this means that there is no good print of the film available online. Even though the current print is on Lehren, one of the largest video libraries in India, the quality is jaded. We hope that someday, people who hold rights to these films will understand what gems they have with them.

Khooni Murdaa Synopsis:

A woman has her stalker arrested by hoodwinking him into meeting in a garden. Unknown to the woman and her friends, the stalker is a mentally unstable person who has also killed couples making out in the open. After his arrest, the man is admitted to a hospital, but he escapes to wreak havoc on the girl and her friends. The friends kill the stalker and hide his body, only to have him rise from the dead and kill most of the friends group.

Khooni Murdaa Review:

In the nineties, Bollywood horror films had come a long way from the purani havelis and the band darwazas. This was a new, hep city crowd that was being haunted in the city itself – and not in some village called Bijapur.

The storyline is very different from the other recent horror films that we have covered, we aren’t sure if this is copied from a Hollywood horror film.  Again, even if it is, this is a new kind of script for Bollywood horror films. The make up artiste for Khooni Murdaa is pretty good and doesn’t let us down. If you’d like to watch this film, here’s the link:

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2 Comments on Khooni Murdaa Was Every Stalker Movie Ever

  1. I think you missed the whole fact that it is a rip off of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. — and a better one than the Ramsay’s tried to pull off. Don’t get me wrong, as I like this film a lot and gave it quite a lengthy review a few years ago and one of my’s a pity that the director had such a rotten producer for his films.


  2. Sorry, Khooni Murda is not a ripoff of ANOES. There’s a court case, there’s a man who is mentally imbalanced – who dies and becomes a zombie and starts killing people. I don’t think Nightmare had these aspects, atleast in the first film.


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