Mother of Horror: 5 Iconic Mothers From Bollywood Horror Films

Like in all films, mothers play an important role in Bollywood horror films. While Sushmita Sen’s role in ‘Vaastu Shashtra’ might be the most important role for a mom, there have been several important mother characters in Bollywood horror films. We list our five favorite ones.


Sanjana in Hawa took an axe to break open a door, all to save her daughters from a demon. 

#5 Sanjana, Hawa (Tabu)

Guddu Dhanoa’s horror film that’s inspired from ‘The Entity’ sprang a surprise with Tabu in the lead role. She plays a character who’s sexually assaulted by a ghost. Tabu plays a single mother who’s accompanied by her children and brother as she moves into a quaint house. The film also had a horror sequence that had the mother and daughter leave the house after it is attacked by the ghost. Even Dhanoa uses the ‘mother-daughter’ thing in the film. In the film, Sanjana has almost given up on her incidents with the ghost and is always trying to escape him. However, when he tries to attack her daughters, she legit breaks down a door with an axe.

Purani Haveli

The lady whose decision to travel even when heavily pregnant gave us one of the most memorable Bollywood horror films

#4 Unknown, Purani Haveli (Unknown)

Purani Haveli also had a mother, who’s the root of all the evil that the protagonists have to go through. The story is a bit similar to the one we saw in Wohi Bhayanak Raat. A heavily pregnant woman gets labour pains and gets into a haveli to deliver. However, the haveli is haunted and because of this, the child born is a demon. The father locks his demon son in a cave under the haveli until hell breaks loose.


Jhilmil fights an army of demons, including her dead husband, when they try to kill her child. 

#3 Jhilmil Rao, Vaastu Shastra (Sushmita Sen)

The only Bollywood horror film that Sushmita Sen ever did – and she did it with Ram Gopal Varma. Varma is known for making character driven films and even in this one, he explored concepts like how much trust would a mother have on her child, etc.  Sushmita Sen’s performance has been considered as one of her better ones.


Manjeet’s Mother is the only voice of reason that Manjeet listens to – even from beyond the grave. 

#2 Manjeet’s Mother, Bhoot (Tanuja)

As we earlier said, Ram Gopal Varma makes some great characters and he adds subtleties to his story lines that few people understand. For example, in Bhoot, it is the mother who convinces Manjeet to go away and let the people live peacefully. It is this simple conversation that shows the unbreakable bond that a mother has with their siblings.


The Thakurain from Bandh Darwaza, ‘Nuff Said. 

#1 Thakurain (Bandh Darwaza) Beena

Beena got to say a memorable dialogue from Bollywood horror films. Here’s the English translation:

“It’s been a year that we have visited the four holy places. I am yet not been given the boon of a child. Seems I will be thirsting my whole life like a stick.”

This dialogue was used in another film around ten years later. Beena rocks this list because her character takes not one but two important decisions that form the path for the rest of the film. One, she decides to take part in a ‘secret ceremony’ to have a child and two, she doesn’t keep her part of the deal – to give her first born to the devil Master, Nevla.

These are the five Mother of Horror that we will always remember. Which ones do you have in mind? Tell us in the comments section.

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