Demi Moore’s Got Nothing On Sheeba in Pyaar Ka Saaya (The Shadow of Love)

Bollywood films with ghosts aren’t only horror, demons and whatnot. There’s been a ‘Maa’, starring Jaya Prada and Jeetendra – that we will speak about soon. But in 1990 Hollywood had its ‘Ghost’, which kind of introduced the idea of ‘good spirits’. Bollywood wasn’t far behind and we had our own ‘Pyaar ka Saaya’ in 1991. It starred the actor-of-the-moment Rahul Roy, who was fresh off his superhit ‘Aashiqui’. So, there’s no need to tell the story of this film to Hollywood and Bollywood fans who have seen ‘Ghost’, so lets introduce the cast.

‘Pyaar Ka Saaya’ Synopsis:

Rahul Roy stars as the protagonist. As we said, he was the flavor of the season at the moment and the producers did well to cash in on his popularity.

Bring the Ramsay Story Home

Because Camera Angles

Because camera angles

Sheeba plays the role that Demi Moore played in the original. Sheeba was one of the bolder actresses in films in the ’90s. You were guaranteed some  sensuous songs, sensuous sequences and even costumes. Sheeba didn’t disappoint and there are a couple of rain songs and white shirt stuff.

Mohnish Behl plays the negative character in the film. He does what a typical antagonist does in Bollywood films. Amrita Singh plays Whoopi Goldberg’s role from Ghost.


‘Pyaar Ka Saaya’ Review:

Pyaar Ka Saaya got a lot of press in the nineties. The sequences like Rahul’s character not being able to touch the coin made headlines. Back in those days, only those who had access to a VHS or were above 18 – Ghost was a move rated ‘Adult’ – had seen the film. So, the effects and the graphics were novel and new back in the day.


Didn’t believe us, did you?

Either ways, it didn’t make sense to make this film in the 90s. The 90s was the decade when India really awoke to Hollywood films. Anyone and everyone could watch Hollywood fare – unlike the ’70s and the ’80s, when only the ultra rich and ultra aware knew about Hollywood and could watch their films. And the kind of public that like a horror film found it alienated because there was no demon being killed or pouncing on some damsel.


That table decoration is still available. We will never see it in the same light now.

Funnily, ‘Pyaar ka Saaya’ had the kissing scene – and a much more raunchy rain song picturised on Sheeba and Rahul Roy, but that never raised the hackles of the censors. Just the world we live in. You can watch this ‘Ghost’ ripoff here:

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