Khamoshh: Khauff Ki Raat Leaves You Dumbfounded

The new millennium was not a very good time for Bollywood horror. It’s true that the Raaz franchise kicked off in that decade. But there also were a slew of horror films that didn’t make a lot of sense. A couple of directors came up with unique concepts, but they didn’t have the impact one would expect. On paper, Khamoshh… Khauff Ki Raat has a very modern concept. Read on.

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Khamossh… Khauff Ki Raat Synopsis:

A bar dancer is driving through a lonely road. As she’s driving, she accidentally leaves a fork in the middle of the road. A family driving through the road have their car’s tire punctured because of the fork.

After a freak accident leaves the wife bleeding, the family has no option but to take refuge in a hotel. Incidentally, the bar dancer books a room in the same hotel. Several others take refuge at the hotel, including two men claiming to be a policeman and a criminal. The series of twists, turns and unraveling secrets follow make an interesting story.

Khamossh… Khauff Ki Raat Review

If you ever want to know how not to make a thriller, take a look at KKKR. There’s no reason why Shilpa Shetty’s character is a bar dancer. Apart from a dance bar song and her wearing a racer back all through the film, the script didn’t need a bar dancer at all.

The screenplay caters to the lowest common audience, even though the script’s interesting. There’s women in revealing clothes, a sex scene and all that. We aren’t against skin show in films, it’s a bold form of film-making . In 2000, forcing a skin show in a Bollywood film made no sense. You could pop in a X-rated video from any DVD store and that’d be it.

The back-and-forth screenplay takes away from the script instead of adding to it. Thriller films are difficult to make, and making a time-confusing screenplay isn’t helping. You can watch the film on YouTube and decide for yourself:

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2 Comments on Khamoshh: Khauff Ki Raat Leaves You Dumbfounded

  1. Even I agree…The plot was good but I don’t know how they managed to make it worse


  2. The plot and basic idea was copied from Idenity(2003). This movie is a bad joke.


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