Saamri 3D: The Tale That Was

The Bollywood Horror Film Saamri 3D is one of the most interesting films from the Ramsay clan. Read to know why.

There are three names that every fan of the golden era of Bollywood horror films remembers – Saamri, Nevla and Nakita. These names are synonymous with that era, and it wasn’t surprising when the Ramsays released the film Saamri. What was surprising was that the film was announced as being a 3D film. Only those who know this Bollywood horror film know that it has the 3D version. For all practical purposes, the first 3D Bollywood film was Chhota Chetan, nearly a decade later. But because is about informing you about all the theories of a subject, this film was labeled 3D much before the 1998 film, Chhota Chetan.


This be for your own good!

Saamri 3D Synopsis:

Dharmesh Saxena is a old man who practices black magic, unknown to his brother and his cronies. He is the do-gooder of the village who fights against spirits who possess human beings. One day, his brother tries to have Dharmesh sign off his entire property to him. When Dharmesh refuses to do so, the brother and his cronies kill him.  The police now suspects Dharmesh’s niece, Anju and her boyfriend, Sandeep. Even as the mystery of who killed Dharmesh deepens, a mysterious force starts killing Dharmesh’s killers one by one.


Cricck.. crack.. crick!

Saamri 3D Review:

This film proves what we say the Ramsays. They were the forebearers of horror scripts in India. We have earlier covered films of the ‘good spirit’, like Pyaar ka Saaya and Maa, which released in the ’90s. But the Ramsays came up with the good spirits back in the 80s. Heavens, they also slurped it up in the 3D mumbo jumbo.


This scene.

The film had some genuinely forward thinking aspects. The spirit was not someone who adhered to the devil, but Kaali Mata. Saamri 3D is also one of those rare films that show the demon killing people in the day time. Saamri 3D also wins our upvote for the fact that it doesn’t kill Saamri. Instead, Saamri is said to ‘return to the misty mountain’ after he avenges his death.

Think about it, a film with an open-ended climax in 1985. 

If you are into retro sensuality, you are awarded a bikini scene, a shower sequence and a rare-for-that-time lingerie sequence of Aarti Gupta – there’s a negligee scene too. Then there’s Asha Sachdev who adds to all that.

This film is rare because it has Prem Chopra and Gulshan Grover in the cast. Prem Chopra was rarely seen in the horror circuit. Gulshan Grover has headlined a couple of these films but not many.


What’s the Internet?

Bonus: This is the film that has the legendary Jagdeep spoofing Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean video.

Fun Fact: Saamri’s devil-worshipping cave is the same that was used as the magician’s hideout in Paatal Bhairavi.

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