These 4 Horror Thriller Films Made The List Of Lowest Box Office Grossers Ever

Making a horror film is difficult. Marketing it is more difficult. Ensuring that it gets a wide audience is almost impossible. Hollywood horror films find themselves roadkill if they don’t have a big budget. It isn’t a surprise that 3 out of 10 lowest grossing Hollywood films are horror-thriller. Here’s the hall of Lame:


4. Satanic: ($242)

Satanic made a whopping total of $242. It had some known names attached to it, like Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland. The film opened on July 1, 2016 in 3 theaters. It has a 0% rating over at Rotten Tomatoes.

Satanic is about college friends who tour Los Angeles, for locations where occult activity supposedly occurred. They save a woman from what could have been a planned human sacrifice. Of course, everything is not as it looks like.


3. The Objective: ($95)

It’s pretty unusual that a film based on a real life mystery didn’t work at the box office. That’s what The Objective did. It made a total of $95. In the film, US Army finds a Bermuda Triangle style dimension in Afghanistan.

2. Storage 42 ($72)

This was a British Horror Film that released in America. The film made $72 in the US when it played in one theater for one day. The film starred Noel Clarke, we known him as Doctor Who.


1. Pet ($70)

This film stars Lost star Dominic Monaghan. It still made $70 in all its run. The film was about a Animal Control Department worker who obsesses over a random woman he sees on the bus. He kidnaps her and keeps her in a cage.

But this shouldn’t underwhelm horror fans. Most producers release films on a controlled basis because that’s a requisite for a DVD release later. So, its possible that these films flattened at the box office but were a roaring success on the DVD circuit.

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1 Comment on These 4 Horror Thriller Films Made The List Of Lowest Box Office Grossers Ever

  1. Timothy Paxton // May 24, 2017 at 6:29 pm // Reply

    THE OBJECTIVE is a super cool horror/SF film. There are many reasons why these films made less than expected — way less. Some, like THE OBJECTIVE, were given limited theatrical release without any fanfare just so they could get released to streaming services. All of these titles are small indie films. The bigger faux pas is when a much hyped horror film is a complete dud — like John Carpenter’s THE THING released in 1982 and Paul W. S. Anderson’s EVENT HORIZON (1997), two films with huge budgets that failed miserably at the box office. BUT they are two of my fave horror films. They were way too gruesome for the time and the studios had no idea how to promote them. Of course they were multi-million dollar pictures while titles like SATANIC and STORAGE 24 (not to be confused with the US film STORAGE film which you have an image of) were made for pennies. They also more than made their budget back on the rental and streaming services.


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