Zakhmi Rooh (The Injured Soul) Is Moon Moon Sen At Her Best

As we have told you previously, experimentation in films truly began in the 90s for India. In 1995 came Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, the film that changed Bollywood romances forever. In the same manner, several Bollywood horror film makers tried to create a masala of other tried and tested story arcs. They had more freedom because it was the naughty nineties, the Censors were quite frankly more receptive back in those days and films weren’t as politicised as they are today. In such a situation came Zakhmi Rooh starring Moon Moon Sen, Javed Jaffrey and others.

Wohi Bhayanaak Raat Synopsis

A young man, Shekhar falls in love with a woman, Seema. However, he has his doubts about Seema’s character when he sees her dancing in a night club one day. His doubts turn to trust when Seema refuses to recognize him at the dancing club. This creates a rift between them. Only when the rift clears does Seema tell Shekhar that she has a twin sister, Reema. To add another twist to the story, Reema has also fallen in love with Shekhar. Even as she plots to win over Shekhar’s heart, she is kidnapped, sexually molested and killed. What follows next is a typical Bollywood horror story – Reema’s spirit kills of everyone who ever tormented her, including her father.

Wohi Bhayanak Raat Review

Twin sisters is a relatively desi concept, so it is nice to see it used to add some masala to the typical Bollywood horror film. Full points for the film to add a number of twists to the film  – without the title, you’d think that you are watching a romantic film until the interval.

Speaking of the cast, Javed Jaffrey is supposed to be one of the best dancers in Asia. Back in those days, music and dance tours weren’t so popular in India. So, if an actor like Javed was in a film, dance buffs knew that there would be at least two full fledged disco songs, and Jaffrey didn’t disappoint his cast.

Moon Moon Sen is said to be one of the most beautiful women in India, and she’s at her glamorous best in this Bollywood horror film. You are awarded with one bikini scene, one rain dance, a couple of suhaag raat (wedding night) scenes.  And of course, there’s a lot of women wearing skimpy dresses songs in this Bollywood horror film.

What really impressed us was that the scriptwriters decided to go ahead and decide how each of the baddies is killed – instead of just having them die of fear. One of them is mauled by his pet dog, another is bitten by snakes. One of them is also shot dead by his own hand.

This Bollywood horror film has good production values too. By the nineties, we had come a long way from the smoke and bad lighting used to hide prosthetic make-up. Here, most of the horror sequences are in a good light. That adds quality to the audience experience – making this one of the better horror films made in that decade.  You should watch the whole film here:

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