You’ll Have to see ‘Ghost Story’ twice to understand it: Director Zubair Khan

‘Ghost Story’ is an upcoming horrex film by director Zubair Khan, who had earlier given us ‘Lakeer ka Fakeer’. We caught up with the director and asked him some details about the film. He said,


“‘Ghost Story’ is a new, fresh take on the genre of Bollywood horror films. I have tried making something new. I am sure, people will have to see the film at least twice to understand what the film is about.


He continued,

“I have shown the climax at the film right at the beginning. How the story unravels and what the audience understands from it is what I am interested in.”


When we asked him what the film was about, he said

“My film handles many subjects. It speaks about the ‘wham-bam-thank-you-Sam’ kind of lifestyle that the younger generation leads today. It tackles the subject of domestic violence, and there are some other things that the film discusses like domestic violence. It is about a couple that moves into a house. “

“The kind of ‘hook-up’ culture that we see today, has ruined the life of so many men and women. So many of them suffer mental agonies because of this. What if one of the people who suffer in love are already mentally unhinged?”


He continued,

“In the film, I show a murder and a suicide. Now, the audience will be confused about whether the murdered person or the person who commits suicide is haunting the home. I leave that to the audience to find out. “

He also revealed some more details about the film and the character. He said,

“My female character is a nymphomaniac. She has her needs and she completes them in a manner that’s unseen in Indian cinema till date. There is a female masturbation scene in my film, one of the first in India. I know that the audience will accept this. This is also the first time that such kind of a character is shown in a mainstream film.”

Watch the trailer here:

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