Neil D’Silva’s ‘Pishacha’ Now Available for 25 INR

There’s good news for horror fiction fans. Neil D’Silva’s ‘Pishacha’ is now available at a never-before price of 25 rupees. That means, the book is actually available via Kindle for $0.38 cents. This is Neil’s second novel after Maya’s New Husband  This is also the second time that Neil’s book, Pishacha, made it to Amazon’s hand-picked list of books that would make the cut.  Neil, meanwhile, is elated. He says:

“I haven’t seen many books getting this kind of price cut on Amazon. I guess it’s pretty neat that two of  my books got a price cut in their sales run. I hope this allows more and more people to read Pishacha’.

We have reviewed the book earlier but here’s what the Amazon readers are saying about it:

The best-selling author of “Maya’s New Husband” has once again taken the world of the damned and made it dance. D’Silva’s “Pishacha” takes the reader through a journey of personal–and paranormal–growth which will leave horror fans both sated and pious at the same time. The plot, while initially promising to be a yet another fun-but-been-there-done-that Beauty and the Beast cliche, begins unexpectedly and mournfully twisting like a hungry python until it the reader is sucked in with absolutely no idea how the extremely unique story will end. Beautifully visual, well-structured, nauseating in all the right ways, but also quite touching, once opened, “Pishacha” is not a book to be closed until the glued-to-seat audience drinks the very last bloody word. – Galina Trefil, (Verified Amazon Purchase)

You can buy the book via

Pishacha: A tale of love beyond births

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