Netflix’s ‘Fear Files’ Is A Winner

So, here’s the thing. Indian horror is currently in a rut. The 70s and 80s have long gone and Indian audiences has got a taste of foreign horror. The 90s came with some good Bollywood horror films but the chasm that the Ramsays left was never filled. It’s the 2000s and psychological horror films have made their claim at the box-office collections. In all this, the old school, colorful, gory horror lost its audience. There’s no saying whether its still a guilty pleasure, but Netflix and Zee Programming has decided to find out with its ‘Fear Files’.

‘Fear Files’ is quite a strong brand name in India. It was Zee’s answer to Sony’s ‘Aahat’ after Zee started it all with ‘The Zee Horror Show’. Hundreds of ‘Fear Files’ episodes are available on YouTube, but what’s really newsworthy is the spanking new, digital only Season that’s on Netflix.  This is one of the Bollywood horror series available on digital platforms right now and we are quite pleased with it all.

It’s amazing that this happened without much fanfare because this is a winner. If you have missed the old school horror from the nineties, this is the series that you need to watch. The stories are unique and a mix of all the horror stuff that India’s been reading since a while. A haunted taxi, an occult chain-letter postcard, a concubine who’s hell-bent on avenging her death. All this and more form the storylines of Netflix’s Fear Files. There’s also this story about technological haunting.

We love the production values and Zee’s decision to stick to the Indian horror aspect of colourful, OTT horror. So, Indian horror buffs, if you have had too much of looking through grainy footage of old Bollywood horror films on YouTube, this is the series for you.  If you don’t have access to Netflix and would like to see the original Fear Files, here they are on YouTube:

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