‘Presage’ Plans To Be India’s First Digital Horror Franchise

Indian filmmakers are looking at the digital space to experiment with the art of making films and giving some of the best films a platform. Cutting Coffee Films brings to life ‘Presage’ a set of videos that depict people battling their own fears – or is it the supernatural?

The franchise has launched three videos till now and three more are on the way. The first episode, ‘The Mirror’ stars Manka Kaur and Vishal Singh. It’s about a young woman who has recently shifted in a rental home. As the film progresses,  we are shown a mirror in her house that’s always covered. Why that’s the case is what the first film is all about.


Manka Kaur stars in the first episode of ‘Presage: The Mirror’

The second film, ‘I See You’ stars Urvashi Sharma and has a bit of a technical taste to it. ‘I See You’ is about a young woman who’ finds out that some unnatural force is snapping her photos


Urvashi Sharma plays the lead in the second episode, ‘Presage – I See You’

The third film stars Kishwer Merchant, and is shows a haunting experience that a young woman has when she returns home after work. There’s a connection to her ‘night cap’ and the haunting experience. Watch that video to know what that connection is.


Kishwer Merchant is the lead in ‘Presage: Whiskey Glass’

The three films are nicely made. The films have less than 10 minutes in run-time, but they leave a lasting impression on the audience. All three films do not have gore. They depend on the situation and the environment to induce the ‘jump scares’, which work.

We got in touch with the producer Dharmendra Singh and he revealed the plans for Presage. He said:

“We have 3 more episodes that will be out soon. That’s ‘Edit Room’, ‘Sister Calling’ and ‘Perfume’. The episodes star Himanshu Bhatt, Kshitisha Soni, and Nikita Sharma. “

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He also revealed his future plans for Presage. He said that he is already preparing for the second season of Presage.  He revealed:

The second season will have episodes up to 30 minutes. He said that he plans to have a 3rd season, and the duration of each episode could be up to 1 hour.

The first season has definitely caught our attention. You can watch the entire series here:


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1 Comment on ‘Presage’ Plans To Be India’s First Digital Horror Franchise

  1. Very good executions. I really get scared.May you all the team of Atarkya Creatives succeed n reach good heights. Congrats n eagerly waiting for more episodes.


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