‘Dobaara – See Your Evil’ Recovers Production Cost over First Weekend

If you speak to the industry wallahs about why Bollywood doesn’t make more horror films, they’ll tell you that because of the compulsory rating, it is difficult for a horror film to recover it costs. Prawal Raman’s ‘Dobaara – See Your Evil’ might just changed that.

According to this Forbes article, the film recovered its production cost over the first weekend, paving the way for it to be a legit hit. Don’t forget, the film had great competition, Wonder Woman, Baywatch, A Death in the Gunj, Sweetiee Weds NRI. This once again adds concrete to the idea that a well made horror film has a set audience in India.  Even if you remove Sweetie Weds NRI, a rom-com, from the list, Dobaara had 3 films with a script to defeat, and two of them magnum opuses (or is it opii?)

The film opened to polarizing reviews in a unique way. New media websites like Quint and even new media veteran Sify didn’t quite like it. Deccan Chronicle liked it, Hindustan Times liked it. But a horror film maker knows this trend. The old guard loves Indian horror and watches it. The Internet generation that has a ‘so-whats-new’ idea about Bollywood films, especially horror.

This is the second time that Prawal Raman has surprised the trade with his films. His earlier film, 404: Not Found was a sleeper hit and Dobaara has already recovered it’s costs.  As a website celebrating Bollywood horror, we are quite happy that a horror film has recovered its production cost over the first weekend. Let’s hope this one is a blockbuster like those Vishesh films.

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Red Claw loves horror, sci-fi, fantasy and everything obscure. Red Claw has a childhood crush with Bollywood obscure cinema.

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