Siyaah is an excellent concept marred by low production values

We love Bollywood horror films that introduce  a new concept. Horror films in India are mainly about demons, haunted houses and the spirits of people wronged. In the 80s, we  had Bollywood horror films about devil-worshipers and what-not. Those were few films where the spirit was outright evil. But in the late 90s, Bollywood horror films were about spirits of people wronged who would be ‘freed’ if the villains were killed. That concept remained for most Bollywood horror films, apart from the sporadic film like Siyaah.

Siyaah Synopsis:

A couple lead a loving life until the wife begins behaving strangely. One day, she kills herself and the husband has no option but to hide her dead body. Since that day, he is haunted by an evil force and he has no idea why. He finally hires a para-psychologist who tells him the real reason – as to why his wife was killed and why the spirit is still haunting him.

Siyaah Review:

Siyaah has an impressive storyline. The concept is borrowed from an old Asian superstition and that’s what makes the film unique. We also liked the way the secret is unveiled. The climax of the film is actually good, different from the Bollywood horror films that we have seen.

Reading so much positive about the film, our readers must be wondering why this film hasn’t been one of the biggest hits in the Industry. Some might not even have heard about the film.

There is a simple reason, the production values. We came across this film on YouTube, and don’t know whether it had a full fledged release. Even the YouTube video has some obvious over-dubbing. The other obvious aspect is the CGI, that’s sure to have taken away from the horror aspect for anyone who’s seen the film for the first time. The bad CGI is visible in the horror scenes too – so that could be a put-off for people who have a consistent diet of well made horror films with great effects.

Even so, the screenplay is good. The scenes where the wife shows an inexplicable difference in behavior creates an intrigue. The director shows the degradation of the relationship between the husband and wife that will have the audience question.

The performances yodel between being hammy to having potential. There are some dialogues with cuss words that come as a surprise – because there’s not a single scene of nudity or violence in this otherwise staid film.

Siyaah Cast:

  • Faheem Ul Haq,
  • Zarine Ali,
  • Irfan Jafer,
  • Aziz Naser,
  • Madhulagna Das,
  • Gurpreet Kaur,
  • Habeeb Aidroos

Siyah Crew:

  • Director: Aziz Naser
  • Production House: PNC N Camera Internationals, BIG Curtains Media Pvt. Ltd, Interesting Films Entertainment,
  • Music: Rajesh, Srinu
  • Editing: Nandamuri Har
  • Screenplay: Aziz Naser
  • Dialogue: Faheem Ul Haq

You can watch the film here:

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