2.0 (Robot Sequel) to have a World Tour?

Raju Mahalingam put up a video on Twitter that shows us just how big 2.0 will be.

Robot 2 is one of the most anticipated films in Indian film history. After all, it is the sequel to Robot, the film that single-handedly changed the way fans look at Indian sci-fi films. It starred Rajnikanth as a scientist and his Robot creation with Aishwarya Rai as the female lead.  The sequel to this, titled simply ‘2.0’ stars Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar. The cast and the crew are tightlipped about the film and refuse to divulge anything about it. This kind of secrecy is common for such a huge project. Now, the buzz is that the makers will launch the 2.0 trailer will launch on Rajnikanth’s birthday, that’s December 12. Earlier, the film was supposed to release on Diwali 2017. But because of the heavy post production work the launch has been shifted to January 25.

As it stands now, 2.0 is set to be the most expensive Bollywood film till date. After the crowd is satiated with Bahubali, all Indian film-makers are looking out to make a bigger, better film that captures the audience’s attention for the 2.5 hours.

In 2.0, it Akshay Kumar is pegged to play the negative role. The posters and images released hint at him also playing the role of a scientist. Experience tells us that this could be a film about a scientist who uses his invention on himself and becomes the antagonist. This will be Akshay’s second negative role and his first full-fledged negative role where he plays a supervillain in a sci-fi film.

The first film, ‘Robot’ had a scientist create the world’s first Robot and use artificial intelligence. It was the first Indian film to handle concepts like ‘artificial intelligence’, ‘man v machine’ and even look at the ‘Frankenstein complex’. It was one of the most expensive films even at that time. More importantly, it made Shankar a big name in the Northern markets too.  We are definitely looking ahead for the launch of 2.o.

This new video that’s cropped up on Twitter shows the work that’s gone in the making of the film. It also promises a 2.0 world tour. One look at the video and we can say that the canvas for this film is as big as any big Bollywood film that we have seen. Raju Mahalingam, who heads Lyca Productions has put up this video on his Twitter account.

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