Book Launch: Shamya Dasgupta’s ‘Don’t Disturb The Dead’

Horror fans are in for a treat. Someone has finally written a book on The Ramsays, the bluebloods of Bollywood horror. The book, titled ‘Don’t Disturb The Dead’, was launched in Mumbai on the July 1 at Whistling Woods, Filmcity, Goregaon.


Don’t Disturb The Dead is now available at Amazon.

This evening was one of the most important in the history of Bollywood let nobody tell you otherwise. It was also another set of proof that the Ramsays are one of the, if not the most genial and understanding families in Bollywood. The old guard and the new guard of the family were there – there was Arjun Ramsay and Gangu Ramsay, also present were Chander Ramsay and Amit Ramsay. Another very important person who made it a point to be there was Anirudh Agarwal, the man who played Saamri and Nevla in most of the Ramsay films.

Arjun Ramsay and Aniruddh Agarwal

Arjun Ramsay with Anirudh Agarwal

The author, Shamya Dasgupta took center stage with the Ramsay family and in a brief chat with the people who turned up for the launch, gave a glimpse of the world of film-making in ‘those days’. Shamya first told us how the book came to being. He was friends with Amit Ramsay, one of the members of the younger generation of the Ramsay family.

Arjun Ramsay, Anirudh Agarwal, Amit Ramsay and Shamya Dasgupta

Arjun Ramsay, Anirudh Agarwal, Amit Ramsay and author Shamya Dasgupta

In a quick, quirky question and answer session, here’s what was revealed to the audience:

  1. The Ramsays are planning to make a sequel to Veerana. It is to be directed by Saasha Ramsay.
  2. Back in the day, the Ramsays would be their own censor board. They would quickly snip whatever they thought the censor board wouldn’t allow.
  3. When one of the Ramsay sons saw Saamri in his get-up one day at Film City, he wondered whether Anirudh had applied ‘Bournvita’.
  4. It would take 8 hours to apply the makeup for Anirudh Agarwal and 3 hours to remove it. In the film industry parlance, it would take one shift to apply the make-up and half a shift to remove it.
  5. Anirudh accepted that the make-up that they applied back then was mostly glue and paper. What was achieved in 8 hours back then is achieved in 15 minutes today.
  6. The Ramsays confessed that whatever they learned about film-making was from the book ‘The 5 Cs of Cinematography’.
  7. Gangu Ramsay confessed that he read the books so that his father, F.U Ramsay would give him pocket-money.
  8. Chander Ramsay revealed that for the longest of times, all the money that a film made was divided equally among all the brothers who headed different departments of the Ramsay Film Combine
  9. It was a conscious decision to drop the ‘Ramsay’ surname from the posters when Keshu Ramsay produced and directed ‘Khakhee’.
  10. The Ramsays had once worked on Vishnu Vardhan’s first bilingual film. Chander Ramsay revealed that Vishnu opted for them because he wanted ‘quick turnaround times’.
  11. Amit Ramsay revealed that he doesn’t usually introduce himself with his surname, as people spend hours talking to him about how they saw a particular Ramsay film.

Imagine, if a couple of hours with the Ramsays gave us so much trivia, how much information must be crammed in Don’t Disturb the Dead: The Story of the Ramsay Brothers. You can buy it via Amazon.

All pictures credit: HarperCollins Publishers India
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