Comic Con 2017 hits Mumbai on 11th November

What started out as a gathering of fans has now become one of the biggest events for the fans of fantastic fiction.

Comic Con is in its 5th year now and this time, the event will be held in the month of November in Mumbai. The event will kick off on 11th November and will end on 12th November. 

Since its inception, ComicCon has been the go to place for events connected to comics, superheroes, and films. It also had one of India’s first cosplay contests. This is the only event in India where you will be able to meet and interact with cosplayers. Your truly had dressed up as ‘Scarecrow’ in the first edition of the ComicCon held in Mumbai.

Last year,  famous international personalities like Jim Beaver, who starred as the beloved demon hunter Bobby Singer on Supernatural; Cameron Stewart, an Eisner award winning artist, known for his work on Catwoman & Batman series from DC; Edwin Huang, a New York based comic artist, illustrator and storyboarder, known for his work on the Street Fighter comic series and Dan Goldman, Artist of Shooting Wars, Red Light properties, Priya’s Shakti  attended and took special sessions at MCC 2016.

Ajay Devgn and the cast & crew of his (then) upcoming movie Shivaay were there at the convention to launch the exclusive comic and merchandise of the film.

Cosplay (Costume Contest), another major attraction at Comic Con India, continued to give prizes to people in great costumes. Comic Con India had created 5 categories to increase one’s chances of winning gifts. Each day, one winner was chosen from each of the five categories:-1. Comic book/graphic novel 2. Animated Series/Movie 3. Manga/Anime 4. Sci-Fi/Fantasy and 5. Gaming. 5 Cool Cosplayers got a voucher of Rs 2500 (each) for their Spirit of Cosplay.

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Red Claw loves horror, sci-fi, fantasy and everything obscure. Red Claw has a childhood crush with Bollywood obscure cinema.

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