Will Anushka Sharma starrer Pari bring back classic Bollywood horror?

Like it or hate it, but classic Bollywood horror has a charm of its own and it just refuses to die down. Horror fans outside India are getting a taste of the desi devil and the witch. With Bollywood trying to recreate the Hollywood horror, desi demons, and zombies have somehow disappeared from the mainstream Bollywood horror films.


At the most, we’d get a woman spirit with a face that’s deeply scarred or even a guy who dies after glass splinters slash his face. Few in this generation have seen the desi zombie from films like Dak Bangla or even Bandh Darwaza, Tahkhana and Shaitaani Ilaaka. They may know a Count Dracula or even a Frankenstein, but they won’t know who a Saamri is or who a Nevla is. Even if they do, they won’t immediately be able to recognize the character.

But a new film that’s coming out hints at bringing back the desi horror zombie back, and that’s the Anushka Sharma starrer Pari. The film looks daringly different from the recent horror films and there’s even a demon – probably a female – shown in the artworks that are out now.


Anushka Sharma has shown her interest in a horror/paranormal themed film with Phillauri, which was more of a supernatural comedy and less of a horror film. But as far as the trailers and posters of Pari are concerned, this is an out and out horror film.


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